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The Last Day of the Mesquite Balloon Festival

Sunday was the last day of the balloon festival, and we chose to spend a majority of our time watching the Martell's and their crew prep and launch the Obsession balloon. It was such an interesting process from unpacking the balloon, checking the lines within the balloon that could be used to alter the shape of the balloon, using a large fan to inflate the balloon and transitioning to the propane burners to heat the air, and bringing the basket upright with the balloon while using the burners to maintain the balloon inflated until launch.

We truly enjoyed our time at the Mesquite Balloon Festival this year. Everyone was friendly and courteous, the festival events ran on time, the hot air balloons were plenty and colorful, and CasaBlanca Resort was an amazing host. If you have the opportunity, we would greatly encourage you to attend this wonderful festival in January 2020!


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