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Shakedown Drive on Boathouse Cove Road

Having completed and loaded up the new Jeep kitchen, we thought we would test it our by taking a offroad drive down Boathouse Cove Road in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

The Boathouse Cove Road is a 9.1 mile bumpy gravel road on the north shore of Lake Mead. It was a easy drive with only a couple of rough spots that were easy to navigate. Good beginners trail, with many campsites along the way, and ends at the lake's edge where there is a fantastic camping spot complete with a rock fire ring.

Wind was picking up and dark rain-filled clouds were quickly approaching, so our lunch by the lake had to be cut short. Luckily, we made it out before the rain started falling. Good news - the Jeep kitchen held up great and is as sturdy as we intended it to be! We are going to have to return to Boathouse Cove Road for a weekend camping trip soon.



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