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Quick Peek - Willow Beach, Az

While camping at Lake Mead for the weekend, we thought we would take a 30 minute drive up the US-93 to check out the campground at Willow Beach, Arizona. We had heard only great things about the campground and had to look into it.

Willow Beach Marina and Campground is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and is located in the Black Mountain portion of the Colorado River. Being on the river, the marina has plenty of different types of watercraft vehicles to rent so you can explore the 235 miles of shoreline available to this region. The campground overlooks the marina and the Colorado River, and has 28 full hook-up sites and 9 tent sites. The rv sites vary in length, and it is recommended to double check the length of the rv site when making reservations.

Willow Beach looks like a must try will wait for the late summer/early fall to give it a go. Would be fun to rent a deck boat, explore the river and have lunch on the river bank. Reservations have been made and will let you know how it goes when the time comes.



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