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Amargosa Valley 2 - Rv 0

Never having been to the dunes before, we thought we would accompany brother and girlfriend to Amargosa Valley, NV, for New Year's weekend. Brother has a blue sandrail, so while he and girlfriend rode it, we'd thought we would watch all the folks out enjoying the dunes, and fly our drone taking some great action shots and video.

The Amargosa Sand Dunes are approximately 88 miles northwest of Las Vegas off Interstate 95. Leaving the paved road, folks drive in with their trucks and trailers or motorhomes, pick a spot and set up camp. The sand was very soft and in dire need of grading. Four wheel drive vehicles were fine but for the rest, it was a gamble. Our rv got stuck twice, once at the entrance when we first arrived, and the second when trying to leave our camp site. Both times took some maneuvering, digging, and lots of leveling blocks. Can't tell you how many blocks were lost and sacrificed.

It was a great weekend nonetheless. We relaxed, enjoyed the view, had mimosas with New Year's day breakfast, and stayed nice and toasty in our rv. We would make the trip again, but next time, since our rv is a bit too heavy for the sand, we would stay at the Amargosa Valley RV Park and then brave the dunes with a four wheel drive!


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