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Scored a Bonus Night in Tehachapi!

We procrastinated in breaking down camp and headed home at the last possible moment leaving our Cava Robles rv spot at the exact check out time, not a minute less. So it shouldn't have surprised us when we heard the traffic reports of the huge traffic delay at the CA-58 and US-395.  The traffic was backed up for miles because of the single lane (each direction) traffic light intersection on the portion of the old CA-58 where the new multi-lane portion of CA-58 was not yet finished. 

So we quickly looked online and found the Mountain Valley RV Park in the town of Tehachapi. With positive Yelp reviews and an overall four star rating, we took a chance! It was a small rv park bordering the glider airport with a view of the mountains and trees lining each rv spot. The rv park had nice pull-through spots with full hook-ups, the facilities were clean and the staff was friendly. We wouldn't mind coming back one day and spending the weekend watching the gliders fly!

Got up early the next day and hit the road without a hitch. By the time we got to the I-15, we were ready to eat and fill up the rv gas tanks. Followed the billboards to Peggy Sue's Diner in Yermo, CA. Restaurant was composed of several dining rooms and walls filled with memorabilia and photographs of old and new celebrities. Could resist but to order a root beer float with breakfast. A trip to the ladies room had me startled and double checking that I was in the correct restroom when I saw what at first thought was a man relieving himself. Turns out it was a dummy posed to give anyone who walked in quite the start! Wonder how many ladies pee'd their pants at the sight.

Tell me you wouldn't have pee'd your pants!

The south side of the building was a gift shop with a variety of knick knacks and unique gift items you don't often see. We bought a couple of unique Star Wars themed tins four our Star War fans - one was a Millennium Falcon mini-lunch box and the other an R2-D2 purse. Outside behind the restaurant was a shaded pond and a couple of small gift shops along with some dinosaur statues.

We filled up the gas tanks, buckled up and enjoyed the last leg of our trip back to Las Vegas - home.  Couldn't have enjoyed our first "real" trip with our new-to-us rv.  

P.S.  She, our rv, still doesn't have a name.  We're working it.


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