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Relaxing Drive to Morro Bay

Drove out to the coast on CA-46 to the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful drive with glimpses of the Pacific Ocean from the mountains. Stopped at a couple of pull-outs to take some pictures hoping to catch Morro Rock in the background. It was just a smidge of a rock from the mountains, but very identifiable. Merged onto Hwy 1 - the Pacific Coast Highway south enjoying the sea breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean. Amazing how ocean air has such a distinctive and distinguishable fragrance.

At Morro Bay, we drove down the Embarcadero towards Morro Rock, driving on the sand right up to the base of Morro Rock. At 576 feet, Morro Rock is a volcanic plug at the entrance of Morro Bay Harbor. Ran out and took some pictures from the beach at the base of Morro Rock. Chilly from the strong cold wind after the recent rainfall, it was nice to stop in Morro Bay at the Le Parisienne bakery for some sweet tasty treats.

Took this panoramic picture of Morro Rock from across the bay with an iPhone and an DJI Osmo Mobile 2.


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