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Chicago Dogs in Wikieup, Arizona

In our search for a motorhome, we recently made a run to Tuscon, Arizona, to see a couple of rigs and bypassed the usual Siri recommended I-40 / I-17 highways. Instead, we chose to travel U.S. Route 93, a more scenic and beautiful route. The landscape was surprisingly green, chiseled and carved forming amazing mesas, dry washes and riverbeds.

Off of the U.S. Route 93, about 32 miles south of the I-40, we ran across Dazzo's Chicago Style Eatery. What a find! Their menu has everything from hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, Philly cheese steak, Italian sausage and even deep fried pickles and avocado bites! We opted to try their speciality - a Chicago dog. It looked delicious, smelled yummy and tasted amazing! Restaurant area was neat and clean, folks were friendly and nice, and the the gift shop had a great selection of souvenirs and local art.

Dazzo's also has an RV park next door with showers, laundry facility, wireless internet, propane and a pool! We didn't get a chance to really look into the RV park, Dazzo's Desert Oasis, but will add it to our bucket list to return one day, once we have our rig, as there are many outdoor activities to choose from in this area including nearby hot springs and walking trails.

After this fun and tasty stop, we got back onto U.S. Route 93 headed to Phoenix and then on to Tuscon. Hoping we find a motorhome of our dreams to start our U.S. travel adventures soon!

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