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New Home Base

Back in November 2018 when we bought Wilma, our Fleetwood Bounder 35K, our home base was located in the lot at the back of the automotive and diesel shop we ran with my brother. It made for an easy commute to work, convenient for servicing Wilma, and, best of all, it was at no additional cost!

We had a hook-up for electricity and the only task was having to empty our grey and black water tanks once a week. Not much we could complain about as we would take Wilma out every chance we got.

Now, the lease on the shop space is coming to an end, and we are in the final steps of relocating the shop to a new location. As full-time rv'ers, we were faced with having to find a new living location (home base) for Wilma, and as luck would have it, the rv park nearest us had an opening! It's gated, clean, quiet and close to work and all at a very, very reasonable price!

It has been four days in our new home base location and we are loving it! Having the convenience of a laundromat, dog wash, and a gym within walking distance and the bonus of constant running water and sewer connection is just a win-win!!!

As we dream of our next adventure, we pray for everyone's safety, health and security.

God bless.



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