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Making your bed in a RV - Challenge Accepted!

One of the pluses of our motorhome, a 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 35K, is that it has a king size bed, rv king size, but king size nonetheless! The downside to that is that the mattress, due to its size, does not leave much room at the sides of the bed for us "fluffy" folks to move in. This makes it very difficult to make the bed in the mornings when you can't reach to tuck and pull sheets and comforters into place. And trying to find rv king size sheet sets and comforters that we like was a challenge enough, but actually making the bed is next to impossible.

Since we did not want to downsize from a king to a queen size mattress, we searched the web and came across the best solution ever! It's zippered one piece bedding sets by Beddy's! See the Beddy's video below!

We ordered the a king set in Nautical Navy with the minky fabric lining and it is the best thing ever! It is comfortable for both of us, keeping Brian cool and me warm. It's a breeze to fix the bed in the morning, and it washed well in the laundromat machines! The set included two pillowcases and two shams, and it looks amazing! Here are some pictures of unboxing the Beddy's king rv set and of our bed all made with the love quilted pillow and crocheted blanket I made!

These Beddy's bed sets come in different colors and patterns. The Nautical Navy set is offered with or without the minky lining. The Beddy's website is . We can't recommend these fitted zippered bed sets enough!



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