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Magnolia Beach - Port Lavaca, Texas

As you roll into Magnolia Beach, you are met with a beautiful small town with very little infrastructure. The town mostly consists of residential buildings and a couple of commercial properties. There is an all-in-one small gas station/convenience store/bar as you first enter town.

After making our way to the beach, we were looking for a spot on the beach that was level, not too close to others and still within walking distance to the bathrooms. The bathroom building has men's and women's bathrooms along with four cold shower stalls. We found our spot about 150-yards from the bathroom and with plenty of room between the other campers. The beach is made of hard packed sand and broken shells and is very stable for even large motorhomes.

During our stay, we experienced all types of weather - from 70-degree days to upper 20-degree nights, calm winds and 50-mph winds and rain. As you can see from our YouTube video, the rains can sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention. And boy, did we underestimate the weather that day!

As far as things to do while parked at the beach, there is fishing and just relaxing while sitting on the beach enjoying the view. We spent many days just watching the ships passing through the bay while sitting in the sunshine. Farther south from Magnolia Beach is an area called Indianola Beach. There is a monument there for Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur De La Salle, a French explorer that established Port St. Louis in Matagoria Bay. A little farther south is Indianola Fishing Marina that not only offers fishing charters and pier fishing, but also serves hot meals. For a change of pace, we ordered crab cakes and pizza from there and it was pretty darn tasty!

We really enjoyed our time camping at Magnolia Beach. Most of the locals we spoke with were very friendly, and all they asked is that we be respectful of the area and do not leave a mess. To pick up your trash and don’t be a nuisance. We are a guest here, after all, while many people live in this area full-time.

The town of Port Lavaca is about 20-30 minutes away. It has pretty much everything you might need for an extended stay. This includes a grocery store, auto parts stores and restaurants. Remember this is small town America and they might not have exactly what you’re looking for, but the people of this town are extremely nice, and will do whatever they can to help you get what you need.

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