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Jeep Kitchen for Black Betty

Having done some boondocking with Black Betty and our roof top tent, we quickly realized that packing and unpacking plastic bins gets old after a while, and we would be better served having a kitchen with a portable refrigerator set-up to go along with our tailgate table.

There are many Jeep Kitchens to be ordered and purchased online, but the hefty price tags left us turning to making our own. We bought some heavy duty locking drawer slides and paid someone to make our refrigerator tray and slide while we designed our cabinets.

It took a little bit of time between cutting, staining and putting together our wood cabinet with two (2) drawers. But it paid off and turned out great! Simple and efficient, the Jeep Kitchen makes great use of the space with enough space for our cargo rack. We even made use of the space next to the rear windows by using a pair of roll bar bags that hold our dog, Moose's, gear in one and recovery gear in the other.

All we have to pack now is our refrigerator basket and our dry foods bin. Everything else is in our drawers, bags and cargo rack - ready to go! Let's go have some camping fun and make some memories!



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