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It's Time.

We have been tossing around a rather unconventional idea for the last few days discussing and debating, listing the pros and the cons, and have come to a decision. On December 1st, our life together will come to a life altering change.

We have decided to give almost everything up to travel the U.S. in Black Betty, our Jeep Wrangler. Are we crazy? Probably. We aren't getting any younger, our children are adults living their own lives, and it's time that we make our wish to have this adventure a reality.

Black Betty is equipped and set-up for overlanding with a rooftop tent, a kitchen, and all the comforts we need to travel and live out of her. We even have a usb rechargeable shower!

The plan is to try and visit every National Park in the lower 48 states that we can, first traveling along the southern border states for the winter season, then head into the northeast for the spring. We are flexible and are ready to alter our route and destination should we need or decide to as we travel.

We will be sharing this adventure through our social media platforms with the hope to entertain and inspire. In the meantime, we will be downsizing, cleaning, storing, and making arrangements to depart and start our new life adventure by December 1st.


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