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RV Maintenance Before Thanksgiving

​Hustled back to Vegas on Sunday in order to be at work on Monday morning. Someone had to open the shop! Would have loved to stay longer in San Diego visiting our family, but how else are we going to be able to fill the fuel tank to go on our rv adventure trips? So it's all good. As the saying goes, work hard - play hard.

We made our way back to Las Vegas with a beautiful sunset behind us and experienced only one issue with the rv. It had quite the bit of sway with a lot of play in the steering wheel. It made for some white knuckle driving when a large semi truck would pass us. So off to the shop she went for an inspection and some maintenance.

Oil change service, checked all the fluid levels, checked the belts, inspected the brake pads and checked the tire pressure. All looked great! Now to address the swaying. Upon inspecting the suspension system, they found that the bushings for the anti-sway system were present, but all the bolts were missing. Goodness knows how the bushings stayed in place! The bolts were ordered and installed, and in test driving her, boy, what a difference!

Having the peace of mind in knowing she has been inspected and found to be in good shape, we were all clear in planning our Thanksgiving get-away and making rv park reservations! We can't wait!

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