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Just Start . . .

We've been intending to start our website and blog for a few years now while we were living in San Diego and had plenty of things to do, places to go and beautiful locations to photograph. Even bought the domain and set up the website template, but never got around to it. Reason? We just didn't; no excuses.

Now, we are living in North Las Vegas. Most people, as we did, mistakenly believe that all there is to Las Vegas is the strip. In reality, there is so much to see and do outdoors in the surrounding areas of Las Vegas. Just 30 minutes west is Mt. Charleston which is about 30 degrees cooler in the summer and gets covered in snow in the winter with a busy ski lift! To the north is the Valley of Fire, Nevada's first state park, with its fiery red sandstone formations. To the east you can find Lake Mead National Recreation Area where you can set up right at the lake's edge and launch your jetski or boat and enjoy cooling off during the hot summer months. And to the south, you can visit the tortoise habitat, hike the many trails or take a scenic drive through Red Rock Canyon. These are just some of the places you can visit within an hour's drive from Las Vegas.

The agreed upon plan had been to reach a time in our lives where we saved enough to purchase a motorhome and have time enough to take it on adventures throughout the nation. But what are we waiting for? Time is passing us by faster than we have ever felt it pass, our children are all independent and living their respective lives, so what is stopping us? Just start! Yeah! Let's start!

So we are starting and now are in the midst of finding a motorhome, re-setting the website and its social media accounts, making a list of local destinations and events, and determined to make the most of our dash during this our honeymoon phase of our lives together!

Stay tuned!

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